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About Us


Hi, this is Tim Wray.  Welcome to my ONLINE BIBLE STUDY revealing Kingdom DIVINE REVELATION of GOD’S WORD!  I’m from Thomasville, North Carolina.  My wife Sheila and I have been teaching the inspiring Word of God for twenty years at our local Church. I have a passion to see people succeed in every facet of life.  We understand that this path of success is found in the Word of the living God. Jesus loves His creation and has a master plan of success for each of us. This includes health for our bodies, peace for our minds, protection for our children, and increase for our finances. I’m looking to connect with people of like and precious faith from all over the world!  If our ministry can serve you in anyway, please contact us at [email protected] or 1 336 561-2282. Be blessed and may our God increase you in every thing you set your hand to do in Jesus’s Name!  

As you can see I love cycling!  We have a teaching class at Church for our students.  Designed to help them discover an exercise program that is enjoyable.  Cycling happens to be my choice!

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