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The Whole World System Around Us Is Under The Power And Influence Of The Wicked One!

It is difficult for many of the Lord’s people to understand the truth that “THE WHOLE WORLD LIETH IN WICKEDNESS” (I Jn 5:19). The Amplified Bible correctly translates the later part of this verse: “The whole world around us is under the power of THE WICKED ONE”. This whole world system not only lies in wickedness, but it lies in, it is under the power of, THE WICKED ONE – a personality, the devil.

How few truly comprehend this! How many yet believe that there must be at least something of God in the politics of this world (especially in the United States), or in the educational programs of this world, or in the religions of this world, or the fashions, philosophies, or economics of this present world system. Somehow it does not sink in that these are one and all PRODUCTS OF THE CARNAL MINDS OF CARNAL MEN, sold under sin, dominated by the spirit that controls this age, influenced by the god of this world order.

We have tried to believe that our present political system, democracy, or republicanism, is somehow an expression of the kingdom of God simply because it was given to us, in this country, by religious men. So we have men busy trying to preserve and perpetuate a passing carnal order, imperfect, full of flaws, and steadily disintegrating before our very eyes, as God demonstrates for all to see that even our government is OF THIS WORLD “which passeth away”.

Many still hope that out of our present political system will come the integrity and wisdom to solve the immense problems facing our increasingly weakening and depraved society and explosive world situation. Surely, think we, the Democrats or Republicans will come up with the answer! Certainly a Reagan, or a Wallace, or a Goldwater, or a Carter, or a Humphrey, or a Kennedy is what this nation and the world needs to stabilize its path.

If only we could elect enough Conservatives, or Liberals, or Christians! How many Christians have swarmed to the polls to vote for some candidate they were led to believe, by propaganda and shrewdly managed image building techniques, was a Christian, or Spirit-filled, or honest, or Conservative, or religious, or something else; only to awaken later to the unvarnished reality that indeed he was just another POLITICIAN like other politicians, dominated by the very system that produced him, influenced and controlled by the spirit of the age of THIS WORLD SYSTEM, WHICH, as truthfully as the Word declares, “is under the power of THE WICKED ONE”.

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