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Jesus’ Visitation Transforms Saul Into The Apostle Paul



Jesus’ visitation transforms Saul into Paul!  Saul is the devoted Pharisee of Pharisees.  To understand this concept we must understand

Jesus’ parable of the “Leaven Of The Pharisees”.   Jesus explained to His followers spiritual truths behind the parable.

The thought of LEAVEN is revealing the reality of “INFLUENCE”!   PHARISEE is unveiling a people who are Pro-God but Anti-Christ.

Meaning this group of people love God after the Old Testament law which is based upon man’s human effort and works. But not after the

revelation of New Testament salvation which is based upon the Gospel of Grace and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  So when we put the reality

of these two definitions together we gain insight into Jesus’ teaching.  Saul being a Pharisee reveals His spiritual condition. He was heavily

under the INFLUENCE of the LAW OF MOSES because he had not yet had a Divine encounter with our New Testament Champion and Savior

Jesus our Lord!  Therefore Saul had never personally experience or met Jesus. He had just heard about all of the Lord’s mighty works, deeds and

Glory.   But He didn’t personally have a relationship or really know Jesus from first hand experience.  In Acts Chapter 9, Verse 1 we receive the account of

JESUS’ VISITATION by the power of His Spirit which eventually transforms Saul of Tarius into the New Man Paul.

In this account, Saul appeals to the Chief Leaders of the Law in Jerusalem and asks for letters of authority to chain and arrest all Christians in Damascus.

He receives their authority and heads out on his journey. On the road to Damascus he has His life changing encounter with JESUS HIMSELF.

Jesus appears to Saul and the scriptures records that suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven.  Jesus’ glorious appearing

causes Saul to lose his natural strength and he falls upon the ground.  Completely overwhelmed by his divine encounter with Jesus’ visitation.

Saul immediately is divinely empowered to hear the voice of the Spirit of Christ which said unto him.  Saul why are you persecuting me. Do you not realize

that it’s very difficult to fight against the will of Almighty God.  Saul replies with; Lord; Who are you Lord?  Jesus says to Saul; I am Jesus whom

you are persecuting.  Saul replies.  What would you have to me do Lord?  This would be the first of Saul’s instruction from his Lord!

Finally Saul has received GRACE to encounter and experience Jesus personally.  Jesus’ visitation miraculously transforms Saul’s ability To Hear into the invisible and

unlimited realm of the Holy Spirit.  For the first time Saul is hearing and perceiving the instruction of Jesus himself.  Jesus’s leading would eventually guide

the rest of his life.  This visitation from the Lord completely transforms Saul’s relationship with Jesus.  Now he is empowered to walk with, recognize and follow the

Lord.  This visitation totally changes the course of history for Saul and the destiny of his life.  It’s amazing how well Saul can hear and perceive the Spirit of Jesus at his

first meeting.  Saul’s heart is so yielding, honorable and willing to follow Jesus’s instruction for his life. Notice Saul was not looking for Jesus. No

Jesus said; you did not choose me Saul, but I choose you.  And at my appearing my light and glory has totally transformed our relationship.  Saul was a mere

natural man lost, confused, misguided, living in his little limited world. But now Jesus is beginning to bring him into his divine call and purpose.   Saul is

now learning the difference of being lead by his own natural reasoning, thoughts and ideas in contrast to being lead by the Spirit of Jesus. Jesus is transforming

him into a spiritually lead man.  He is no longer carnal but being changed into a Spirit guided Son of God.  Saul is learning not to lean unto his own under-

standing.  But he is discovering the Higher thoughts and ways of the Lord!  The Reality is setting in that if he desires to see the power and glory of God

operating within him and manifesting through him.   He will have to be lead of the Spirit of Christ!  For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and

freedom from the infirmities of earth.  Heavens reality is overwhelming earthy reality.  Saul of Tarius is being transformed into the Apostle Paul!  Therefore

if any man be in Christ he is a new creature.  Yes, the power and glory of God has changed Saul’s nature, and all things are becoming new in his life.  He is finding

a new life with destiny and purpose that is changing the course of history for the world to come.  Jesus is building a spiritual eye and ear within him.  He is

now beginning to see and hear in the eternal realm of the Holy Spirit.   Jesus’ visitation is literally transforming his life into the image of the living God.

Jesus is revealing to him how to recognize the coming and appearing of the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Saul is learning to recognize Jesus

by the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation.  He is becoming sensitive to the presence and voice of the Lord.


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