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Jesus’ World Is In The Invisible Realm Of The Holy Spirit!



JESUS’ WORLD IS IN THE INVISIBLE REALM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!   It’s in HIM (The Invisible Spirit of Christ) that we live, move and have our being.

We live in the Holy Spirit.  We walk in the Holy Spirit.  We are under the INFLUENCE and INSPIRED of the Holy Spirit.  We live in the intangible, invisible World of

the WORD OF GOD!  Which is called the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!  Jesus declares to us that the Father has sent us an incredible gift, teacher and guide for life!   This

guide is the Holy Spirit which is the SPIRIT OF JESUS HIMSELF.  The Holy Spirit can be likened unto THE  NATURAL WIND that blows here on earth.  The wind is

INVISIBLE to the natural senses of man.  We can’t see the wind blow or move about the earth.  But we BELIEVE that the wind is a living moving reality.  Man can’t SEE

air but it doesn’t take long to encounter it’s reality.  Simply because we’ve all EXPERIENCED the RESULTS and EVIDENCE of a invisible wind that creates VISIBLE

manifestations.  THAT’S JUST HOW THE LORD WORKS!   His healing is in the Spirit Realm, invisible and intangible.  But Heaven’s power and reality is greater than

earths reality.   Heavens health is DESIGNED to manifest and swallow up earths infirmities.  That means our INVISIBLE God in all of His glory and power becomes

VISIBLE!  The Lord desires to be experienced and he loves RELATIONSHIP filled with HEAVENS ENCOUNTERS!  God loves COMMUNION!  Jesus loves INVISIBLE

MIRACLES that become VISIBLE to men on earth. God loves it when His INVISIBLE HEALING overwhelms earths sicknesses.  Our God is a Healer of his people’s

diseases.  He absolutely loves to HEAL PEOPLE.  FAITH in GOD’S POWER is the vehicle that RELEASES Heavens blessing into our experiences.  When man doesn’t

TRUST GOD; it dams up the flow of HEAVENS GLORY!  I can remember many hot summer days playing basketball at the park.  The heat would be overwhelming and

suddenly a sweet cool visible manifestation of wind would began to flow.  What a refreshing when the principle of the intangible winds began to influence our lives.  The

wind is just like the invisible Kingdom of Heaven.  Give it time and the invisible will surely come leaping out into the tangible, visible world called earth.  Our God is

SPIRIT!  And He loves to manifest His glory in the tangible realm of experience.  God loves for us to encounter His glorious presence! It’s a life transforming

experience.  I’m a cyclist!  And I can tell you that the INVISIBLE wind loves to blow, Lol!   I can’t see the winds energy and force while I’m riding.  But I absolutely

encounter the weight of it’s presence.  As the Natural Wind loves to blow, even so, our Lord loves to come out of the INVISIBLE REALM OF HEAVEN and SHOW

FORTH His beauty and healing power here on earth, right now!  This is why the Word teaches that the natural man can’t see or comprehend the things of the

INVISIBLE KINGDOM OF GOD!  Jesus said,  Ye must be born again to SEE THE INTANGIBLE KINGDOM OF GOD.  Spiritual things can only be discerned by our

teacher, the SPIRIT OF GOD!   That’s why the NATURAL MAN that has never met Jesus thinks that his creator is a fairly tail!  In his limited state of human reasoning

and limited thoughts “HE CAN’T SEE OUR LORD”!  JESUS’ WORLD IS IN THE INVISIBLE REALM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!  And only God can build a EYE to see

Heaven! And only God can build a EAR to hear His Voice!  Jesus said; MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE; and the voice of the stranger they WILL NOT FOLLOW!


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